Six of Crows


Read 1st time: 18/10/15

Read 2nd time: 22/10/16

Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

“When everyone knows you’re a monster, you needn’t waste time doing every monstrous thing.”

First time reading :
There’s literally nothing wrong with this book, no complaints, nada. I loved The Grisha Trilogy but it was never a favorite of mine, not like this book is. This book is action packed, shit went down every step they took, Kaz Brekker seemed to always have a trick up his sleeve and you know what? Even his tricks failed sometimes.

God, what a journey! I love the six of them and if I know Inej is harmed in any way I’ll go apeshit! This bunch of misfits melted my heart.

My favorite thing about this book were the characters, the diversity, each one of them had their own agendas, all of them were morally ambiguous, selfish, but, in the end, they were a team and they fought together, protected one another. I can’t say I have a favorite, they all stood to me for different reasons, which is really rare. I often have a favorite or two but I can’t choose between the six crows. I AM INVESTED IN THESE FOOLS AND I’LL GO BATSHIT CRAZY IF ANY OF THEM IS HURT!! THEY ARE ALREADY A PROFOUNDLY DAMAGED BUNCH, KAY?!

One thing I usually look for in books is romance, I can’t help it, it’s not the most important thing but my brain craves it like I’m craving for cake right now. So when I started reading the book my brain automatically sorted out pairings. I have to say I can’t choose one pairing as my OTP here, between Kaz/Inej, Jesper/Wylan and Matthias/Nina I don’t know which one I’d give a limb for. I do have enough limbs to give for all of them so it shouldn’t be a problem. Their relationships are so different from each other if I had to describe them I’d say Kaz/Inej are angsty and vulnerable; Jesper/Wylan comical and trust-based, and Matthias/Nina sexy and forbidden. In the end, they all made my shipper heart race throughout the book.

Bardugo’s writing improved considerably, I wasn’t particularly impressed in The Grisha Trilogy, but this book is definitely of superior quality. I personally think the 3rd person works better in fantasy books, it gives us more as readers, so I’m glad Bardugo opted to write Six of Crows in 3rd person instead of 1st like she did with The Grisha Trilogy. And she can make Kaz’s indifference and ruthlessness believable, often this kind of characters ends up ruined due to a hasty change of heart and character, they turn softie, (view spoiler)

This is hands down my favorite book of 2015, the plot was driving, the characters diverse and flawed, the plot twists unexpected, I couldn’t have asked for better. Leigh Bardugo delivered her best book so far and I can’t wait for the sequel hopefully it will be equally epic, I don’t ask for more!!

If you want a dark, action-packed, amazingly-written, diverse, fucking awesome book to read, Six of Crows is the answer to your prayers!

Second time reading: 

Some people think re-reading books is a waste of time and you might not enjoy it as much the second time. I must say, that would be totally untrue when it comes to this perfect gem right here!
I freaking loved it ten times more (which I didn’t think was possible).
I’m so ready for Crooked Kingdom!!! Need to get my Inej back safe and sound!!!
I’m expecting my baes, aka Jesper and Wylan, to make out in this book (most certainly unlikely to happen though 😥 ), I can settle for their off-the-charts sexual tension 😉


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