Read on: 18/11/2016

Rating: ★★★ 3.3/5

“Those who truly love you will only ever see you for what you really are.”

I was so pumped to read this one. The premise was great, and I guess it delivered to some extent. It did exactly what it said it would, it just didn’t go much further than that. The plot was entertaining but I can’t say it’s anything that surprised me or even made me want to continue the series. So I can honestly say I was disappointed. Unfortunately, I think my journey with Alex & Co has come to the end.

I didn’t hate the main character or the romantic interests. But I can’t say I loved them either. Alex blushed more than a little girl when teased, which is not what I expected from a girl who is pretending to be a guy. Also, the number of times she said that Damien has a beautiful face could be made into a drinking game, we’d be all falling on our faces by the end of the book. Alex is not a bad character, but I think the writer struggled to make her consistent. I’m all for Alex to be feminine and feeling attracted to people, but if she’s been pretending to be a guy for three years before the beginning of the book, one would expect her to have mastered her acting skills and repress her emotions much better. Every single one of the characters seemed to know she’s a girl, that’s how bad her acting is. As a character, Alex wasn’t written consistently, therefore I couldn’t connect very well with her.

Damien was fine, Rylan was fine. None of them really annoyed me that much but I wasn’t head over heels in love with them either. I quite liked the wizard that kidnapped them, I can’t remember his name but I know his face is scarred and he is hella cool.

I can’t say much more. There were a lot of things that could be improved in this book to make it much better, both character-wise and worldbuilding-wise as some things didn’t make much sense. This book also felt like it was a stand-alone by the end of it, so I don’t see the necessity of two more.


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