Favorite Villains


November 30th: Favorite Villains

–It’s been a little while since we’ve done the villain topic, and this one will definitely be a recurring one in the group as there are always new villains to talk about. I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO AVOID HARRY POTTER CHARACTERS!!!! Yes, yes, we all know that Umbridge is the ultimate villain, more hated than Voldemort because she is so realistic. We know that we all love Bellatrix’s particular kind of crazed obsession. We all know that Voldemort is such a classic that he is the first person to jump into our minds. We all know the Dursley’s suck. See? I strongly encourage you to point out some different villains so that Harry Potter doesn’t dominate all the lists. Because as much as we love HP, it does get a little redundant. *jumps off soapbox*

  1. Sebastian Verlac aka Jonathan Morgenstern (The Mortal Instruments)
  2. Maven Calore (Red Queen)
  3. Teren Santoro (The Young Elites)
  4. The Darkling aka Aleksander Morozova (The Grisha)
  5. Magnus Damora (The Falling Kingdoms)

Some are more antagonists than villains, but if any of those is too soft then consider Joffrey Lannister my sixth, my wicked child.


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