Broken Prince

Read on: 05/10/2016

Rating: ★★ 1.5/5

“She’s mine and always has been. From before we even met, she was mine and I was hers. I fought it too long, but I’m giving in now. I’m all in now.”

You know when you don’t think a book is good but it is still addictive af? Yup, that’s this series.
An annoying, romantic couple, not that good writing, but somehow it manages to suck you into it and trap you there. I found myself not able to stop reading it yet still disliking most of it.

For me, Reed is the most annoying of them all. He acts like he rules the whole school and even defies his teachers. In what world would this even be acceptable? He is a brat and, even though I love the forbidden love trope, I just wanted him to get lost. I had no sympathy for the character whatsoever. His need to repeat how Ella was “his” girl and babe/baby all the time just made me want to skip his chapters.

Ella is okay most of the time. I thought her behaviour near the middle/end (?) towards Brooke was childish and I don’t care that Jordan is a bully cunt, she shouldn’t have stepped to her level. And it’s hilarious how there were no repercussions. They’re all specials snowflakes in that school, it’s amazing.

Val and Easton are the only characters I do like, despite his disgusting behaviour at the beginning of book one.

I think we can all agree that Brooke and Dinah can drown in the Artic Ocean. One’s already gone, now let’s get rid of the other :v

Again this ends with a massive cliffhanger. And although I do dislike almost everything about these books, I really can’t wait to get my hands on Twisted Palace!!!


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