Fictional Items You’d Give as Gifts


December 21st – Fictional Items You’d Give as Gifts

We’ve talked about fictional items we’ve wanted for ourselves before, but in the holiday spirit, what fictional items would you give to friends and family?

1. Time Turner (Harry Potter)

I’m pretty sure everyone would love to have a Time Turner if only to get a chance to experience certain moments more than once.

2. Vortex Manipulator (Doctor Who)

Ever wanted to go back to Italian Renessaince? I have and this would be a perfect gift for me and some of my friends who share my opinion.

3. Invisibility Cloak (Harry Potter)

Out of all the Harry Potter items, this one is probably the best and I’m pretty sure more people would agree.

4. Flying Magic Carpet (One Thousand and One Nights)

For someone who loves to travel, this one is the perfect gift and I wish I had one of my own.

5. Silver Shoes (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)

You may notice a pattern here, traveling items. I think they are the best gifts because most people dream of traveling but money can sometimes be a problem.


6. Bowtruckle (Harry Potter)

I’m afraid if I could I’d gift everyone with Harry Potter items. This one is not an item but a creature. After watching Fantastic Beasts I’ve been in love with Picket. How cool would it be to have it as a pet? I think it would be the perfect gift for my boyfriend as he never had a pet before and he’s wary of animals in general.

7. Kell’s Coat (A Darker Shade of Magic)

I mean, it changes colours, how awesome is that?



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