Book Trends You’re Tired Of


February 8th: Book Trends You’re Tired Of

What are some things you are tired of seeing that are trends in publishing? Maybe something that pops up on a lot of covers these days, or the popularity of certain tropes in a particular genre? Let it out!

1. Romantic relationships curing mental illnesses

One of the reasons why I avoid YA contemporaries which explore mental illnesses is this. my family has a history of developing depression and anxiety, I’ve seen it first hand, so I hate it being used as something portrayed as being easily fixed by a romantic relationship.

2. Creepy lovers

It was not acceptable in Twilight, it still isn’t now. Waking up to a guy watching you sleep is still creepy af! Please don’t romanticise it. I like problematic ships, as long as it’s clear it’s problematic and you don’t try to sell it as a healthy relationship.

3. You’re different/special

Do you know how many characters in YA are “different” or “special”? I feel like nowadays everyone wants to feel like a special snowflake and it’s getting annoying. When a female character (they’re the ones who are often called so) is told they are special/different it makes me want to throw the book at the wall.

4. Insta-love

I can overlook it but it still bothers me and I’d rather authors gave the characters time to get to know each other before they fall madly in love. I understand instant physical attraction, but don’t tell me that Jonas glanced at Olivia for the first time and fell in love right there, it’s not believable.

5. The Chosen One

Now, I’ll still read the book. I understand that it usually refers to a prophecy and those often require someone to be chosen to save something, but it puts me off a little bit at the beginning.


15 thoughts on “Book Trends You’re Tired Of

  1. salmahsbookshelf says:

    I completely agree with you on creepy lovers! I recently read a chick lit where I thought the guy was kind of creepy but everyone loved him! And it sucks that books do not take the time to make sure they are doing a good job representing mental illness. I haven’t personally read any like this but unfortunately with the lack of good representation I am not surprised to hear books are using romance to “fix it” :/

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      • soniasalgado26 says:

        Oh I really liked that one. I didn’t find it normal for people of their age to do it but it somehow reminded me of how teen girls do it sometimes, keep tabs of how many times the guy they like talks to them but not in a creepy way. I’d say both characters kind of acted creepy cause she also knew the colour sequence of his shirts for the whole week. To be honest I imagined the protagonists much younger than they were mostly because they acted a bit childish with the whole staring game and stuff. I can see how it can give some strange vibes, though.

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      • salmahsbookshelf says:

        Yea I only found the elevator kiss kind of weird because he just stopped the elevator and I remember her thinking he was gonna kill her lol. And then the end where his room was painted the same shade as her eyes. But now that you point it the shirts I hadn’t thought of that so it does kind of even it out lol. But otherwise I liked it and would def read the authors other works.

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  2. tasya @ the literary huntress says:

    I agree with #1! I can’t believe how many books out there that romanticized mental illness and makes it seems like it can be cured easily with love. It’s not that easy, in fact it’s not easy at all. It’s a long journey, and it’s definitely something that can’t be cured easily because it can come back anytime!

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  3. Brookie Cowles says:

    Curing mental illness and creepy lovers were my favorite of yours. As one who deals with anxiety and I can that my relationship helps some bit it no way heals it. Also, creepy lovers… yes. I just re-read twilight and had that same thought again, how weird that he’s just there at night and she’s all like “that’s so romantic”. Umm no.

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