About Me


Born in Portugal, 1993, Sónia suffers from a severe addiction problem to books, tv shows and movies. She is a young woman with a handful of dreams. Former theatre student and now a creative writer student, Sónia hopes to one day work at a book company. She hasn’t figured out how to accomplish that dream yet, but she is determined to work towards it.

Through books, she dives into worlds that, despite their dangers, she fervently wishes to be part of. She finds herself in the head of characters who must face deadly quests and go through unbearable suffering.

Another great love of hers is travel. The world is a place full of opportunities and wonders and Sónia longs to step out there and find its treasures in the oddest of places. She has been lucky to visit three continents, fifteen countries, and over thirty cities. But she won’t stop here. Or she hopes she won’t.

A long life dream, Sónia went on Erasmus to Lithuania on 2014 and she can safely say it was the best time she had in her life. Life-changing and eye-opening, Sónia went back to Portugal with a new and more intense wish to thrive in the world.
Now living in England, she studies to become a writer or editor.

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