Fact about me #3 & #4


I could live without chocolate. While I do eat it sporadically, mainly food I like even though it has chocolate, I can go without it for a long while. Most chocolate has a strange taste to me and even the smell makes me uncomfortable, somewhat sick at times. I can only eat a teaspoon of Nutella now and then, I don’t like chocolate cake or dessert and I make my chocolate mousse with as much milk as I can get away with without my siblings complaining.

Oh and speaking of which, I also dislike milk, specifically plain cold milk. The smell makes me sick every time and the taste makes my skin crawl.

So here you have, two facts in one.


Fact about me #2


I am Portuguese.

I probably should have started with this one but oh well. It’s a small country, and a handful of people I’ve met don’t know where it is, so I feel compelled to place it on the map in case one of you doesn’t either.


We’re quite friendly, we have great cuisine and wines. But most importantly, we have breathtaking landscapes all over the country, both on the mainland and islands, and a lot of historical sites to visit. So anyone is welcome to visit us 🙂